This is what a saint looks like...

Aside from being ridiculously stylish himself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is like a boy scout when it comes to being prepared. When our beloved (yes, I’m calling her that) Anne Hathaway had an issue on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards, it was Gordon-Levitt who swooped down, in all his perfectly styled-ness, and saved the actress from yet another wardrobe malfunction. What is it with Hathaway and her choice in dresses? Why can’t the girl just get a break on this for once?

So when Hathaway tore the strap on her dress the other night, Gordon-Levitt pulled from his pocket a pin, and fixed the Oscar de la Renta gown right then and there! And then he put it on Facebook and probably Twitter too, because he wants us all to know that he’s a prepared fashionista who will stop at nothing to make everyone look (almost) as radiant as he.

The only slight irksome part of this story is this: “Annie tore the strap on her dress, but luckily I had a pin :o)”

What is that? Is that a face with a hole in it? Is that what we’re using for noses now? What does it all mean?! I’m confused. I’m very confused. But at least we know that JGL is the type of fella you want in your back pocket at all major award events.


Photo: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Facebook