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I was not planning on going to my high school reunion. I talk to, oh, six people from my small prep school and three of those are because they wound up going to the same small university as I did. I didn’t really keep in touch with too many people beyond Instagram and Facebook “likes,” so I have no idea what most of these folks look like nor what they’ve been doing, but I am sure it will be a fun time with lots of clams. Oh, yes, it is a clambake.

What I do know is that, given my weird recent bout of obsessive insecurity, I am ever-so-slightly tweaking out over what to wear. I don’t want to dress up too much, but I also want to wear an outfit that says, “Yes, I did grow up to be an adult, teacher-who-told-me-I-was-hopeless.” Granted, I’m not still feeling embittered over that kinda thing, as I generally loved my high school — we had a school cat, dudes — but it would be nice to look…nice. Put together. But still like the adjectives “fun” and “stylish” could apply to me, although I rarely feel like the latter.

Anyway, because I do so many posts the include closeup shots of my face, I figured I’d remove it for these pictures because you’re probably sick of it. Then I realize that that would be very painful and gross, so instead, I poorly edited cats into the pictures. This way, you’ll be able to see my awkward (so, so very awkward) posing and hopefully vote on this poll at the end:

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Thanks, Glossers!