A while ago, I got this pair of white jeans from NYDJ. I really like them! They are great! It is finally warm enough to wear them! I have no idea how to wear them. Look, my inclination is to pair them with a leopard print coat (in June) and go around like I’m Edie Sedgwick, but Cat Marnell really stole that away from me. Not taking into account the fact that the best pairing is always “with an pinata head” – see below –

white jeans

– what are some other cool ways to wear them? Here! I’ve got a few ideas!

Okay, possibly something monochromatic? With some bright accessories? Like this:

white jeans monochrome

But this might be a bit too intense for actual normal human day wear? I mean, New York is a dirty town. Not in a metaphorical, Sweet Smell of Success way, in an incredibly literal way. This is going to be covered in grime any time I go anyplace.

I mean, there’s almost a 100% chance I’m going to end up pairing it with a blue button down like Jessica Szohr, but this feels almost too obvious.

Also, I don’t have shoes with little bows on them. Few people do, I think. Few people do.

Ashley is making a pretty strong case for pairing them with this shirt:

But I’m worried it’s going to look like I’m trying to be “whimsical.” Who hates whimsy? Raise your hands.

Look, is it cool just to wear these with a black tank top and some black pumps? A blue and white striped shirt is going to make me look like I’m auditioning for some role where I play a “gamine type” right? Yes.

Fuck it, I’m going to carry around a pinata head absolutely everyplace.