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I’m big with trying at least one of the ridiculous fashion trends that are churned out every season. I usually try not to spend a lot of money on a trendy piece but it’s very hard when I want to try out multiple things.

I’ve already done culottes and I have had a pair patchwork jeans forever, so I’ve got those down. But there are a few different trends for Fall that have really piqued my interested. Mainly shoe trends because I have no self control and need every shoe ever, but also the deep dive into the ’70s and maybe even a skinny scarf. I want to try things that 6 months ago, I would’ve scoffed at. It’s what makes fashion fun. Sorry, Pumpkin Spice hair is out of the question.

Help a girl out and just decide for me so that I can justify my shopping habits by having someone else make my decisions for me.

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Lace Up Pumps


I’ve been eyeing these ever since I tried these on at Macy’s. Nine West is having a Fans & Family sale right now so what would’ve been over $100 and about $75 so it’s incredibly tempting. I’m worried though, that the open toe could keep me from wearing these past October. I could find a different pair with a closed toe but these are just too pretty.

Unfrgetabl Peep Toe Pumps (Nine West, $109 $76.30)


Thigh High Boots

hmprod (1)

Tall boots and I have never had the best relationship. Thigh high boots have always been a white whale piece for me, but I have always been scared of looking like a) a crazy person and b) like I’m trying too hard. Also, being 5’1″ with large thighs doesn’t lend itself to finding the best boots. But taking a risk is kinda the name of the game, right?

Knee-High Boots (H&M, $60)


Skinny Scarf


For me, skinny scarf’s make absolutely no sense, but damn if they don’t look cool. They just scream French Girl Style and I feel like it would just be such a cool outfit topper. But I also am getting super like, early 2000’s vibes from it if done incorrectly. I’m also a sucker for a giant, chunky scarf and it just seems to defeat the purpose of a scarf for it to be skinny.

Rebel Rebel Printed Skinny Scarf (Free People, $20)


The 1970’s


While I do own a pair of patchwork jeans and a pair of high-waisted flares, the 1970’s trend of Fall 2015 is so much more than that. I’m talking peasant blouses and suede and fringe. I love the look of a voluminous blouse with flares but I am also terrified that I will end up looking like I dressed up for Halloween a few weeks late.

Leather Skirt (Zara, $129)

Help me decide between these trends or comment below if there’s a different one you think I should try out!

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