Cruel Intentions Reunion Reese Witherspoon Selma Blair Sarah Michelle Gellar(Photo: Instagram/ReeseWitherspoon)

Listen up 1990s movie lovers. A Cruel Intentions reunion happened last night. Reese Witherspoon (Annette) uploaded a photo of Selma Blair (Cecile) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Kathryn) having “the best girls night of the year.” They went to see a parody of the 1999 film. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Ryan Phillippe (Sebastian) was there or Pacey Joshua Jackson (Blaine). It was strictly a girls’ night.

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If you have watched the movie, the photo will probably bring back all sorts of memories. While everyone probably remembers the sexy scenes, Sebastian’s hotness and Kathryn’s straight-talking bitchiness, we cannot forget about the fashion. If you want some moody 90s style inspiration, dig out that VCR tape and start watching. There’s also lots of retro beauty inspo courtesy of Annette’s pigtails and Kathryn’s chocolate locks.

Take a look a 12 stylish looks from Cruel Intentions:

1. Kathryn’s Chic White BlouseCruel Intentions White Blouse

(Via Tumblr)

Kathryn had a penchant for black but she knew the power of a flowy “I’m so innocent” white blouse.

2. Sebastian’s Preppy SweaterCruel Intentions Sebastian's Preppy Sweater

(Via Tumblr)

Sebastian’s sweater and polo shirt made everyone want to join a country club. It doesn’t matter if he borrowed the look from his dad or grandpa.

3. Annette’s Pink SweaterCruel Intentoin's Annette's Pink Sweater

(Via Tumblr)

Annette’s goofy face doesn’t distract from her pink V-neck sweater. Reese Witherspoon was making a case for pink long before Legally Blonde.

4. Kathryn’s Ladylike Black Embroidered DressCruel Intentions Kathryn's Black Embroidered Dress

(Via Tumblr)

If Kathryn was going to add a bit of detail to her usual all-black look it wasn’t going to be with sequins. Contrasting floral embroidery was the proper way to do it.

5. Blaine’s Sweater VestCruel Intentions Blaine's Sweater Vest

(Via Tumblr)

Blaine made a valiant effort at making bleached boy band hair look Upper East Side Chic and for trying to make the sweater vest cool for the under 30 crowd.

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6. Kathryn’s Black Lounging SuitCruel Intentions Kathryn's Black Suit

(Via Tumblr)

Lounging in your pajamas isn’t for everyone. Kathryn was perfectly comfortable in a skinny black suit with a hint of orange bra poking out.

7. Sebastian’s Hugh Hefner Lounge PajamasSebastian's Lounge Pajamas

(Via Tumblr)

Sebastian preferred silk pajamas when he wanted to study and be an intellectual. It’s too bad he threw Cecile off the bed because we wanted to get a better look  at that crop top outfit.

8. Cecile’s Floral Print DressCruel Intentions Cecile Floral Dress

(Via Tumblr)

If you ignore the dancing and just focus on the outfit, you will remember that everyone had to have one of these sleeveless floral print dresses in their closet for summer.

9. Kathryn’s Happy Black Suit PartCruel Intentions Kathryn's Black Suit 2

(Via Tumblr)

Kathryn had a black suit for every mood and every occasion. It was an essential part of her outfit just like her necklace, which she has casually tucked into the blazer here.

10. Kathryn’s Fancy HatKathryn's Fancy Hat

(Via Tumblr)

Kathryn does formal all-black as well as casual all-black. This is a look worthy of the Kentucky Derby. Kathryn is very fierce but we can’t forget about Cecile’s mint green sweater tied around her neck paired with the hot pink blouse.

11. Sebastian’s Suit And ShadesCruel Intentions Sebastian's Suit and Shades

(Via Tumblr)

Sebastian made everything look good from a black turtleneck to the aforementioned golf course sweater. This gray suit with the brown tie and shirt shouldn’t work but it does. And the movie taught us that every formal look is better with sunglasses.

12. Kathryn’s Wine-Drinking Black Suit Cruel Intentions Kathryn's Black Suit Wine

(Via Tumblr)

 Remember what we just said about the sunglasses? Floppy hats and sundresses are expected picnic attire but a black business suit and dark shades isn’t. Hot weather be damned.