You have probably gone through your closet after years of piling newer clothes on top of the older stuff and discovered an old VonDutch trucker hat, or a cut-off denim skirt at the bottom of the pile. Remember how you wore those things everyday back in the mid-2000s? Now, you have forgotten about them, preferring your crop tops and jean shorts to those pieces that were once everyday essentials. You probably didn’t remember you once liked fake tattoo choker necklaces and jelly shoes until they recently became cool again, thanks to the whole 90s grunge revival. Even if you don’t think about old fashion styles, like newsboy caps, anymore that doesn’t mean that your love for them wasn’t as true as it was for Justin Timberlake when he first brought sexy back.

Check out 12 cult fashion items that you forgot you loved:

1. Gap HoodiesGap Hoodie

Remember the school days when the height of style was to wear a fleece Gap hoodie? It couldn’t be the one with the zipper, it had to be the one with the kangaroo pocket. You probably had one in red, navy or black–or all three.

2. Trucker HatsVon Dutch Trucker Hat

You loved your trucker hat as much as you loved Ashton Kutcher wearing them. You were especially proud if you had a VonDutch one, just like Ashton’s, but in girly pink and blue. It was the perfect accessory to your raw-edge jean skirt.

3. Tearaway PantsTearaway Pants

Thank you tearaway pants for allowing us to feel like superheroes when we ripped off our pants. And for having to worry about some prankster pulling open our pants at all times. You were willing to overlook the potential wardrobe malfunctions because you loved the look and ease of tearaway pants. The three-stripe Adidas ones were the best.

4. Flower CorsagesFlower Pin

Fake flower pins were waaaaay better than the flower corsages your date felt obligated to buy you for school dances. They didn’t wilt, they had a pin that didn’t stab you and they made you look a bit more like Carrie Bradshaw.

5. Skorts© Mark Stevens Photography

Skorts are starting to show up on all of the fashion bloggers lately, but before that, had you given them a thought in the past five years? Probably not. Back in the day, you thought they were the best invention ever–besides bling cases for your phone–because they reduced the risk of you accidentally exposing your underwear.

6. Rainbow Flip Flops Rainbow Flip Flops

I doubt you have forgotten about flip flops, even if you are living nowhere near the beach. However, you probably don’t collect them the way you once did. At one time, you wanted every color of the rainbow, and would wear them as soon as the first frost ended. You probably bought most of your collection from Old Navy but coveted Havaianas.

7. Paul FrankPaul Frank Tee

What was it about this monkey’s face that drove us crazy? Paul Frank was the slightly more grown-up Hello Kitty, and we wanted everything and anything that had Paul Frank’s expressionless face on it. T-shirts, pyjamas, thongs, notebooks, pens, we had it all on our wishlists.

8. Jelly Bracelets Jelly Bracelets

If you exclusively wore the black ones you probably fancied yourself an emo who enjoyed listening to My Chemical Romance and dyeing your hair crazy colors after school. If you like the rainbow-colored, sparkly ones, you loved reading Seventeen and hanging out at the mall food court. Whichever tribe you fell in, you both couldn’t get enough of jelly bracelets.

9. Mrs. TeesMrs Timberlake TShirt

Remember when these first came out and you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to be Mrs. Timerblake or Mrs. Kutcher? It was such a tough choice. You probably had three, because there’s nothing illegal about being a Mrs. to more than one person if it’s only written on a t-shirt, right? Next to them you had a Team Jolie or Team Aniston top, depending on whose story you believed in the gossip mags.

10. Velour TracksuitsJuicy Couture Purple Velour Track Suit

Along with the UGG boots (that you still sometimes use today), you adored velour tracksuits, and had a Juicy Couture one on your wishlist. Wearing one to any place other than the gym made you look super cool, especially if the pants had writing on the butt.

11. Lace-Trimmed LeggingsLace Trim Leggings

I don’t remember the exact moment, but somewhere along the way we forgot about the mid-calf leggings with the lace trim and started wearing full-length ones–occasionally with a bit of shine. Before that, every girl on the street was wearing cropped black lacy leggings with a frayed denim skirt and a (fake) designer logo bag.

12. “Witty” Slogan TeesDude Where's My Couture T-ShirtOh, the hours that you spent online laughing at funny t-shirt slogans. They were better than the one word “flirt,” “cutie” or “baby” t-shirts and let you express a hilarious or insightful message, i.e. “I’ll have your baby, Brad” or “Boyfriend season is here.”