Curvaceous Couture Wedding Gown 2

Say Yes To The Dress fans, listen up! According to The Daily Mail, TLC has commissioned another special to be added to their regular Friday tulle-and-tears bridal night. Curvaceous Couture, a designer bridal shop for fuller-figured women, will be the subject of a one-off show airing August 1.

The special will have the same set up as everyone’s favorite TV guilty pleasure, Say Yes To The Dress, with plus size women searching for their dream dresses. It’s basically the Big Bliss version of SYTTD but at a speciality bridal boutique, that actually has the proper sample sizes and dresses. So, hopefully there won’t be any tears in the change room here–unless they are tears of joy.

Yukia and Yuneisia Harris

Yukia Taylor and her sister Yuneisia started Maryland-based Curvaceous Couture in 2009, after Yukia struggled to find a wedding dress. You would think that there would be a range of designer plus size gowns if there are wedding crop tops and even styles with shorts, but that was not the case when Yukia was dress shopping. She found that bridal shops only carried limited sample sizes and sometimes the sales associates were downright rude. When Yukia heard that other fuller-figured brides had the same wedding dress shopping nightmares, she decided to start Curvaceous Couture.

The bridal shop is described as:

“The first designer bridal boutique to feature a complete collection of full-figured and one-of-a-kind wedding gowns for the bride with discriminating taste. Featuring sample designer gowns from all over the world, our dresses will fit size 12-34.”

They stock a range of designers including Ian Stuart, Allure Couture, Madison James and Rosa Clara. And they have the best motto: “Because the love of their life isn’t always a size six.”

While I am excited to see the show, I wish Curvaceous Couture would be a series rather than just a special. I would love to see more curvy brides on TLC and less polygamist families and WTF sex stories.

(Photos: Curvaceous Couture/Facebook)