curvy girl lingerie

You know how a disproportionate percentage of Super Bowl commercials consist of conventionally attractive women and beer , reinforcing the impossible societal standards that females are held to on a day-to-day basis? Well, it’s time for a change. (Fucking obviously.) Plus-size retailer Curvy Girl Lingerie is vying for a free commercial spot during the big game Intuit’s Small Business Big Game contest.

Located in San Jose, Curvy Girl Lingerie offers beautiful selections for women in sizes that many, many retailers refuse or neglect to carry. It’s a small business with a devoted fan base, so it would be absolutely wonderful if they were showcased during such a popular time slot. Its current biggest competitor? Marijuana advocacy group NORML. Curvy Girl Lingerie owner Chrystal Bougon feels her business will serve a better purpose in the spot:

“No matter how you feel about marijuana, there’s just a higher percentage of game viewers that resonate with sexy, confident women. We think our message will resonate stronger and more personally with more of the Super Bowl’s audience.”

Obviously, millions of people already do see plus-size women looking awesome in lingerie — anybody dating a female who is plus-size and loves pretty underwear, really. But having an ad for a sporting event viewed by millions of Americans? That is epic and awesome, particularly when you consider the Super Bowl’s history of awful, sexist, mean-spirited commercials that are typically accompanied by a “women should all be quiet, promiscuous models” message.

So, if you are one of those people who, like me, wishes they could see a more diverse image of beauty during one of the biggest broadcasts of the year, go vote for Curvy Girl Lingerie to make it in the contest’s top 20 (and eventually, the numero uno pedestal)!

[Via HuffPo Style; Image via Curvy Girl Lingerie]