Ah, the benefits of being gifted brilliant athletic charitable famous: the New York Post reports that Christian Louboutin is custom-designing a pair of shoes for Kim Kardashian (and her authentic derriere) to wear at her wedding:

“The reality star was overheard telling staff at the Louboutin boutique in the West Village that the designer was ‘custom-making her shoes for the wedding, but she wanted to try some on for size,’ picking out several crystal-encrusted pairs to try on Saturday.”

Haha! Oh, haha. I laugh. “Overheard”? By who? The fifteen cameras that were trailing her? What a sly bit of reporting.

Anyway, we of course are very happy for Kim — a fresh pair of custom-designed Loubs is nothing to sneeze at. We expect that we will at least get a close-up of the footwear during the sure-to-be-televised event.