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From 2007 to 2013, I lived in one of the coldest capital cities in the entire world, Ottawa, Ontario. During those six years, I caught glimpses of many fascinating people: Prince William, Kate Middleton, and President Barack Obama, to name a few. Perhaps the most fascinating of all the people I saw, however, were the groups of young women who did not feel the cold. In Ottawa, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop below -30 degrees Celsius (or -22 Fahrenheit) in January and February, and yet these groups of superhumans would still trek to the bars wearing little more than short skirts and leather jackets.

Because I was not blessed with the gift of never feeling the cold, I often went to the bar wearing so many layers that it was, quite simply, embarrassing. What I should have been doing was investing in a couple of sexy jumpsuits (loose-fitting ones, of course, so that I could wear my long johns underneath). This winter, I won’t make that mistake. This winter, I’m getting a jumpsuit.

The following are 8 plus-size jumpsuits that will help you look cute and stay warm all winter long.

Forever 21 Plus Size Geo Print Jumpsuit, $27.90
f21 2

This jumpsuit is for cool, bold women who aren’t afraid of cool, bold, all-over patterns.

Pink Clove Tailored Jumpsuit Tie Waist Detail, $43

Of all the jumpsuits on this list, I feel like this one is the least likely to ever go out of style, thanks to its classic design and color.

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Cooper’ Contrast Panel Print Plus Size Jersey Jumpsuit, $140

OK, so this jumpsuit is easily the most expensive one on the list, but I figured I’d include it because it’s gorgeous. And who am I to say that your jumpsuit budget isn’t way bigger than mine, right? Anyway, this is a great piece in a pattern that works for any time of the year. I’d wear it while lounging on the deck of a fabulous cruise ship (if that were something I did on the regular… Sigh).

Forever 21 Plus Size Checker Lace-Paneled Jumpsuit, $29.90

I love the sheer top and sleeves happening on this Forever 21 jumpsuit.

Old Navy Long-Sleeve Plus-Size Jumpsuit, on sale for $32.97

Ugh, I love this jumpsuit. Love the pattern, love the fit, love everything. Old Navy has been seriously stepping up their plus-size game, which thrills me to my very soul.

Pink Clove Sleeveless Jumpsuit With Lace Yoke, $42

I like the cute little sweetheart neckline happening on this Pink Clove jumpsuit. Oh, and the back dips down into a sexy V, which is a nice touch. Check that out by clicking here.

Forever 21 Plus Size Floral Print Zipped Jumpsuit, $27.90
f21 3

Normally I wouldn’t be into an all-over floral print for winter, but the dark colors on this jumpsuit save it from being seasonally inappropriate. I also like that sexy little zipper situation happening here, too.

Junarose 3/4 Sleeve Jumpsuit, $112
image4xxl (1)

That cute little slim belt is giving this jumpsuit a very ’70s vibe, which I love. This would be a great pick for anyone who’s over wearing all black, all the time.