penelope popcorn pig dressed up adorable

Okay everybody sit down and shut up, for God’s sake. The world has a new fashion icon and if you don’t know about her, you know nothing. You could literally not be less informed. Her name is Penelope Popcorn and she is a 28-pound teacup pig from California, and I am completely overwhelmed by how adorable I find her.

She lives with her mom and two sisters (human), and they got the grand idea to dress her up and take pictures one day over winter break. She ended up with over 40,000 followers on Instagram, which makes sense because she’s basically the greatest creation on God’s green earth. She also seems decidedly happy to waddle around in human clothes, so there’s no real conflict here. PETA will probably firebomb my apartment for saying this, but I am both debilitated by the cuteness and also eating bacon. I’m fine with that choice, thanks.

Let’s take a look at Penny’s most remarkable looks.

1. Those little green toes!


3. This was “month of love” themed and brb I’m gonna go kill something small.

4. This was tagged #dreamscometrue and boy were they right.

5. A little Rosie the Riveter!

6. That’s a pig in a shmata. I might be near tears right now.

7. Oh hey, nice arm party.

8. Spring time!

9. I love the headband but the last sentence of this caption wins: “I ALWAYS LOVE FOOD.” You and me both, Penny.

10. Please come to my birthday.

Okay guys, I have to go see a doctor because that completely destroyed me. If you don’t hear from me for my last post of the day, I died from gnashing my teeth over the cuteness. Please remember me well. Play “Graduation” at my funeral.

Photos: Instagram