Christmas PajamasEvery family has their Christmas traditions. Some like to chose a funky new ornament for their tree every year while others have fruitcake recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. One popular tradition is getting a new of pair of pajamas for Christmas. When you were a kid, your parents may have let you open one present on the 24th, and it was always a new pair of PJs to put on. Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean the tradition has to stop. There is something special about putting on a fresh-from-the-box pair of PJs to open up all your presents. It’s even better when they have a holiday theme.

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These are the PJs you will want to wear on Christmas morning:

1. Chelsea Peers Xmas Pudding Short Pajama Set ($51, ASOS)ASOS Chelsea Peers Short Pajama Set

Santa and reindeers are often featured on Christmas PJs but you cannot forget abut the puddings. This t-shirt and short set is decorated with Christmas puddings with adorable faces. Even if you don’t like eating pudding, you will like these.

2. Mrs. Claus Middie Tee ($64, Wildfox) and Mrs. Claus Verona Boxers ($48, Wildfox) Wildfox Mrs Claus Set

You could just get the top or the boxer shorts, but this is a set you really shouldn’t break up. It is cuter than Santa Claus’s actual suit. No offense, Santa.

3. Christmas Ken Pajama Set ($38, Topshop)Topshop Ken Christmas Pajams

If you are the type of person who is always boiling, this is a cute PJ set that should keep you cool. The tank top features Ken dolls dressed in festive outfits because it isn’t always about Barbie.

4. Disney Frozen Chemise ($38.50, Torrid)Torrid Disney Frozen Chemise

This should be on every Frozen fan’s Christmas list. The gray chemise features an adorable Olaf print on the front. When you put it on, you will never be able to let it go, let it goooooo.

5. The Pillowtalk Tank Pajama Set ($39.50, Victoria’s Secret)V565622_CROP1

Instead of leaving Santa a note, just wear this top, and hope that you do not actually have to explain anything. The pants come in short, regular and tall lengths. Furthermore, the set includes a coordinating polar bear print eye mask.

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6. BP. Undercover Holiday Sleep Set ($48, Nordstrom)Bp. Undercover Holiday Pajama Set

You won’t just want to wear this set to bed, you will want to wear it as actual clothes. You could probably get away with it. You could also ditch the red shorts and wear the slogan long-sleeve tee with jeans.

7. Snowflake Pants PJ Set ($15, Forever 21) Forever 21 Pajama Set

This is a festive pajama set, but you could still wear it the rest of winter without it looking like you refuse to believe it isn’t Christmas anymore. At this price, you could get one for your mom and sister.

8. Jersey Pajamas ($24.99, H&M)H&M Penquin Pajama Set

Here’s another pajama set that works for Christmas and beyond. It looks like the pants have a snowflake print on them, but those are actually like white hearts.

9. Hello Kitty Ugly Christmas Top and Pajamas ($23.99, Macy’s)Macy's Hello Kitty Ugly Christmas Pajamas

There is nothing ugly about this set. Hello Kitty may not be the most traditional Christmas character, but it is still adorable. This is nowhere near as bad as some WTF holiday sweaters.

10. Gingerbread Pajama Set ($11.99, Target)Target Gingerbread Pajama Set

Santa Suits will also be popular, but dressing up as a gingerbread cookie is too cute not to try at least once. If you really want to get into the festive spirit, these come in all different sizes so everyone in your family can match.

11. New Look Snow Chance Fair Isle Holiday Pajama Set ($27, ASOS)New Look Snow Chance Set

This set has a witty holiday pun and Fair Isle. All that it is missing is some faux fur trim. You can definitely get away with wearing the slogan tank top as regular clothes. It’s the lighter version of a Christmas sweater.

12. Make + Model Sleepy Holiday Sleep Shirt ($34, Nordstrom)Make + Model Elfie Pajama Top

Here’s a clever sleep shirt. You know you are going to be taking lots of selfies on Christmas morning and there’s no better way to do it while wearing #Elfie pajamas.