Cutest Photos 2014Generally, celebrity photos fall into a few categories: the sexy, the totally adorable and the WTF is going on here? Get ready to coo lots because we’re focusing on the most adorable celeb photos of 2014, and there were plenty to choose from. We can thank North West, Prince George and Blue Ivy for a lot of them, as well as the sweet throwback photos celebs have posted of themselves.

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Prepare to say “aww!” lots. These are the cutest celebrity photos of 2014:

1. Taylor Swift’s Pegacorn Halloween Costumetaylor-swift-pegacorn-halloween-costume

(Via Instagram/TaylorSwift)

Any of Taylor Swift‘s cat photos could have been included in this list, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to include her “Pegacorn” Halloween costume. She is in a furry onesie with angel wings and a unicorn hat. Do we need to say more?

2. Lucy Hale’s Throwback Santa PhotoLucy Hale Throwback Santa Photo

(Via Instagram/LucyHale)

There are always lots of adorable holiday photos. It has a lot to do with Santa, festive cheer and coordinated outfitsLucy Hale‘s throwback photo of her visit with Santa Claus was one of the most memorable. She’s doesn’t look very happy about it, but looking at the photo makes us smile.

3. North West’s Skunk Halloween CostumeNorth West Skunk Halloween Costume 1

(Via Instagram/KimKardashian)

We could have an entire list filled with adorable North West photos, as evidenced here, here, and here. However, it was North’s skunk Halloween costume that made us squeal the loudest.

4. Solange and Julez’s Choreographed Dance

Solange Knowles Wedding Julez No Flex Zone Video

(Via Vimeo)

This is a video, but I don’t think anyone is going to complain about it being on the list. Solange Knowles had an amazing wedding, but one of the highlights had to be her and her son Julez performing a choreographed dance to “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd.

5. Prince George’s Chubby CheeksThe Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 1

(Via Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Prince George would steal the spotlight in any photo, even if he wasn’t a royal. Normally, we would have been admiring Kate Middleton‘s gorgeous red coat, but Prince George and his sweet cardigan and chubby cheeks had our full attention.

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6. Dax Shepard’s Bell Tattoo512121545PB00121_Premiere_O

(Via Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Most people cringe at the idea of proclaiming their love with permanent body modification, but this is one sweet exception. Dax Shepard‘s bell tattoo is such a cute tribute to his wife, Kristen Bell, that you can’t help but like it. 

7. Quvenzhané Wallis’ Armani Junior Ad

quvenzhane wallis in armani junior

We love gorgeous fashion campaigns, but it’s not often that we coo at how cute they are. Quvenzhané Wallis’ Armani Junior ad wins the award for cutest ad campaign of the year. It would have won without the puppy, but the dog takes it up another 500 points.

8. Blue Ivy Wearing Beyoncé‘s Shoesblue-ivy-beyonce-heels


Blue Ivy is another cute toddler who could have a list all to herself. Choosing one photo was difficult, but little Blue Ivy wearing Beyoncé‘s feels made us all say a collective “awww!”

9. Amanda Seyfried’s Throwback Birthday Shout-OutAmanda Seyfried Throwback Birthday Present Picture

(Via Instagram/Mingey)

This throwback photo of a young Amanda Seyfried is amazing on its own, but it was even better because Amanda used it to give BF Justin Long a birthday shout-out. She looks like a little 1950s housewife with her party dress and red lipstick.

10. Beyoncé And Solange Knowles Throwback Christmas PhotoBeyonce Solange Christmas Throwback

(Via Instagram/SaintRecords)

It is guaranteed during the holiday season that celebs will post lots of adorable photos with their family. We were still surprised when Solange Knowles posted this sweet family Christmas photo from the 1990s of her and Beyoncé in matching red-and-green plaid dresses.

11. Kim Kardashian’s Vogue Group Halloween CostumesScreen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.52.19 PM

(Via Instagram/KimKardashian)

Yes, North West has another appearance on the list but this picture deserves recognition. Kim Kardashian, North and Co. dressed up as some of  Vogue‘s biggest names for Halloween. Kim was Anna Wintour, North was Andre Leon Talley,  Joyce Bonelli went as Grace Coddington and her son was Karl Lagerfeld (not part of the Vogue masthead, but still amazing) and it was perfection.

11. Nicole Richie’s 101 Maddens Halloween CostumesNicole Richie Dalmatian Halloween

(Via Instagram/NicoleRichie)

There was no shortage of squee-inducing Halloween costumes this year. Nicole Richie and her kids Harlow and Sparrow were the “101 Maddens” and this Instagram photo made us want to join in on the group hug.