Cutesy Girl is starting their New Year’s clearance sale with 25% off on everything from their store. That means you can shop from shoes, accessories and clothing and pay fabulous sale prices. Let’s see what I have picked up to start you guys with.



Check out this VANNY Strapless Banded Dress for $26.99. It’s available in sizes S. M and L. I love the pleated bust and contrasting banded waist.


This SOTSO Lave Sleeveless Tunic was described as a dress but it’s too short for a dress in my opinion but it’s certainly long enough to be called a tunic. This one is $21.99. A very feminine lace top which you can cinch with a belt if you want. The belt in this picture doesn’t come with the tunic.


This CLAAS Bold Floral Print Wrap Tunic is gorgeous. The contrasting sash-tie works perfectly with the floral print. $31.99.


I’m not much for grey colored shoes but I actually like this Qupid Grey Pumps better than the brown or black colors. $19.99.

These are just a few among the many items you’ll find at Cutesy Girl. Don’t forget to use the “newyears” promo code to take advantage of the 25% off.

(Image: Cutesy Girl)