So I know that you are absolutely mad about Cyber Monday, but how mad are you? Mad enough to slack off at work while you browse deals online? Duh, yes. Mad enough to ignore an obvious Photoshop/MS Paint hack job because the phrase “30% off” appears in the upper left hand corner? Kohl’s hopes so!

In one of the more disturbing Photoshoppings I’ve seen as of late, someone at Kohl’s saw fit to put a model head on a construction paper body. This is even more disturbing than that three-armpitted topless Karlie Kloss picture, because it affects the model’s whole body and not just the armpit area. (But don’t worry, they did still mess with her armpit.)

As you can see, Kohl’s used Photoshop to make the already-slim model’s body look extra skinny. Yawn. But something went wrong! The clothes no longer look like real clothes, but like someone hit the “bucket” tool (yes, the one from the old MS Paint) over and over again to fill in large swaths of flesh with uniform, two-dimensional blocks of color. (Talk about a “painted on” dress.) Plus, there’s a weird growth in her left armpit. She really should get that looked at.

This could be a new trend in fashion wherein models are supposed to look like spindly female gollums in tights, or maybe they were trying to pay homage to the flat paper cut-outs of latter period Henri Matisse. But if either of these things were the case, they really should have gone bigger with it.

(Via Buzzfeed)