Here in L.A., as in most cities, there is a growing cyclist community. I have no problem with this demographic (except for when they run stop signs or flip me off for driving a car near them…on the road…), and apparently, they are now a large enough contingent that designs are being created by and for them,  like these lamps made of recycled bike chains by artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga.

They designs are actually really cool — you can view more here — and I’d say that I’d buy one, but I’m afraid that my house would be ambushed by angry cyclists who feel that since I don’t ride a bike I have no business hanging dismembered pieces of one from the ceiling of my apartment. It would be like PETA for bikes. Maybe they’d scale the wall of my building, or hang protest posters outside. I have no idea. Honestly, cyclists? You terrify me.

[Image via Lost at E Minor]