The most fashion forward sisters in Hollywood these days have to be Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning, who give the Olsen twins a run for their money when it comes to style. I can’t get my head around how poised and fashionable they are despite their young age, and yet, I suppose that’s part of their jobs. Today we answer the burning question of the year: which Fanning sister has better style?

Challenge 1: The sisters take Paris Fashion Week, 2014


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

While I love both of their outfits and would ordinarily choose the somber, floor length black number, Elle’s white frock and blue shoes are too fresh a look to pass up. It makes Dakota’s outfit seem over styled and over the top, although alone, I would absolutely love Dakota’s look. Winner: Elle

Challenge 2: Bizarro, multi-layer dresses


Christopher Polk, Francois Nel, Getty Images

The combination of pale mint green and gold on Elle’s dress is heavenly, and her untamed hair only adds to the high fashion flower child look. On the other hand, I love Dakota’s dress, but the styling is poor and the dress is definitely wearing her. When it comes to weirdo dresses with multiple layers and lots of embellishments, this one goes to Elle.

Challenge 3: Battle Of The Jumpsuits


Mike Coppola, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Both sisters really have something going for them here–Dakota’s all over red and unique take on the one shouldered look is stellar, and Dakota’s relaxed fit and pulled back hair are sleek and sexy. But Dakota’s perfectly tailored outfit is too big of a win to fall to a black jumpsuit with little to make it remarkable. Winner: Dakota

Challenge 4: New York Fashion Week, 2012


Charles Eshelman/Getty Images

Now that is a jumpsuit. Dakota’s look is a bit overdone and those shoes are giving me a migraine, whereas Elle is tailored, inventive, playing the proportion, and making ecru seem as exciting as siren red. Winner: Elle

Challenge 5: The Met Gala, 2013


Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Both sisters really leaned into the PUNK theme of 2013’s Met Gala (pictured here with another set of famous sisters, Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy), but Elle’s makeup veered too far into the costume-y territory. Dakota, on the other hand, kept things on theme but also current for today. Winner: Dakota

Challenge 6: Dramatic red carpet gowns


Pascal Le Segretain, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This one is basically a toss up–they both look stellar in floor length blue gowns. Dakota’s deep v-neck and full skirt combination are a vision in navy, and Elle is basically a magical princess dream in periwinkle. Elle pulls ahead by a hair for the slightly unusual dress shape, choker, and severe bun, which were styling perfection. This was a hard one to call. Winner: Elle

Challenge 7: Cardigan game


Ben Gabbe, Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images

Both sisters have showed up on red carpets rocking cardigans, which is somewhat novel. Dakota’s is a wispy think made out of the fabric your grandma uses for quilting, and did little to spice up that nude polka dot number. On the other hand, I’m surprised to say I love Elle’s over the shoulder cardigan paired with that floor length floral gown. Sure, she should have probably just skipped the sweater, but wearing it like a cape is the best way to go. Winner: Elle

Challenge 8: Use of annoying trends on red carpets


Eamonn M. McCormack, Aaron Harris/Getty Images

Both sisters took a turn on some pretty tired trends here–Elle went for the flower crown and Dakota for a crop top. While I like Dakota’s all black sparkly crop top outfit, it simply doesn’t hold a candle to the success of Elle’s flower crown and pocket dress. Winner: Elle

Challenge 9: Long-sleeved embellished gowns


Stephen Lovekin, Craig Barritt/Getty Images

What I love about the Fanning sisters is that they don’t wear your typical silhouettes on every single red carpet. I love long sleeved gowns, but most stars abandon them in favor of something that shows off some arm. While both looks are great, Elle’s dark, baggy number doesn’t hold a candle to Dakota’s lilac embellished dress, which is tailored perfectly to her body. Winner: Dakota

Challenge 10: Coat wearing


Ben Gabbe, Pierre Suu/ Getty Images

This is another hard one to call, because while Elle looks fresh and beautiful, Dakota looks chic and beautiful. Dakota’s winged eyes, sleek hair, and long black coat look like something out of a mod fantasy, but I have to hand it to Elle on this. Her slightly messy hair, mixed patterns, pale blue coat, and embellished shoes are just too good to pass up, and require more style sense than simply mixing black and white. Winner: Elle

Results: Dakota: 3, Elle: 7

And Elle wins! They were incredibly well matched, but in the end, Elle simply took more risk that paid off than Dakota, who has the tendency to over style a bit. I’m guessing they aren’t competing too much and both have places as fashion icons in their futures.

Photo: Getty Images