Daniel Craig went from a hot looking James Bond in a bow-tie tuxedo at the Oscar’s and a perfect v-neck sweater cardigan, dress shirt, tie, and trouser ensemble to this mustache look in black tee and jeans persona.


Daniel Craig was spotted in Midtown Manhattan sporting a mustache, with black baseball cap, black shirt, jeans, boots, and a security badge necklace carrying a few boxes.

Fret not my friends because this is probably just a look needed for his new Broadway play with equally hunky co-star Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine called A Steady Rain. Whewwww. There is something so endearing and almost creepy vibe with Daniel’s new look :lol: . Endearing in the sense that he looks approachable with just his casual shirt and jeans outfit. The mustache on the other hand makes him look creepy. No offense of course. I guess I prefer Daniel Craig with no facial hair because he looks more debonair and suave without it. Just my preference of course. What do you think?

(Image : INF)