There were plenty of ace 90s TV shows. There was a reason that we spent the majority of Saturday mornings glued to the television. One of the best shows had to be Rugrats. Who didn’t love Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and even Angelica? If you’re craving some more 90s goodness, but you’re not in the mood to rewatch Rugrats again, you can check out the Danielle Nicole Rugrats accessories line.

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Danielle Nicole is an accessories brand that is known for its fun and whimsical designs. There are a lot of Disney options in the collection, but this time we’re getting our Nickelodeon fix with the Rugrats accessories line.


The 10-piece range features different accessories decorated with all of our favorite characters. There is a sleek black clutch with Angelica rocking a major pair of pink sunglasses and her signature pigtails. There is even a Chuckie chain-strap purse where Chuckie’s hair has been given a sparkly makeover. Other items in the collection include key chains and patches so you can personalize the pieces you already have in your closet.

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The best part is, this is only the first part of the collection. Allure reported that there are going to be more launches next month.



You’ll be able to shop the first drop of the Rugrats collection when it launches on July 14 on Box Lunch. The Danielle Nicole Rugrats range will then launch on from August 14 and on in October, according to WWD.

The Danielle Nicole Rugrats collection launches on July 14 on Box Lunch

(Photos: Danielle Nicole)