Eccentric beer heiress Daphne Guinness, who is known for her eccentricity, put on an eccentric show last night for the purpose of showing the eccentric jeweled glove that she made in collaboration with eccentric jeweler Sean Leane. In said show, she modeled the glove (guess how?) quite eccentrically. (Have I sucked all the meaning out of the word “eccentric” yet? Because it just sound like a pile of consonants to me in my head now.)

As normal jewelry shows are for the boring and the nouveau riche, Guinness kicked things up a notch by lying on a slab and pretending to be a corpse, with only her gloved hand poking out from under her death veil.

Via WWD:

Guinness, no stranger to the gothic flourish, outdid herself on Thursday night with an unusual display at Jay Jopling’s grand Georgian townhouse, posing in a silent and dramatic tableau. Dressed in a whisper-thin, one-piece Alexander McQueen bodysuit, she lay on a long slab with an antique-looking veil covering her petite body. Just one arm was exposed, and encased in a one-of-a-kind gold and diamond glove.

Okay, that is actually kind of awesome. If I were a beer heiress with a $1.76 million jeweled glove to model, I can’t say I would do things any differently. In fact, I will admit to being sort of jealous of old money rich people, because they can do whatever crazy shit they want and people think they’re being free spirited and eccentric (and possibly inbred?), while a normal person would probably just get carted off to the loony bin.

The prize of the night, though, goes to Tom Ford, though, who decided to turn her installation art into an interactive piece by tickling her through her lacy shroud. It doesn’t say whether or not the corpse giggled, but I like to imagine that she did. This makes it all seem more like a slumber party where a bunch of kids played “light as a feather, stiff as a board” than an actual Art Thing we have to take seriously. Kudos to you, Mr. Ford, for keeping it real.