Just when I think Victoria Beckham is a frigid, materialistic, android who is basically the high fashion version of Kim Kardashian, she goes and does something cute and/or funny, like pretending to cup her husband’s balls in a twitpic.

Maybe I’m just feeling like a big, emotional softie today, but I think this newly released video of Posh and Becks kissing at a basketball game works in her favor in a similar way. At a recent LA Lakers game, Victoria found herself the subject of the “Kiss Cam,” and rather than try to turn it to stone with her mind, she gave her husband an affectionate, if brief, smooch, to much applause. If you look closely, you can even see that she smiled. How very human of them! Why, it’s almost like they actually like each other, and maybe even have sex once in a while.

They should be careful, though, as I’m sure there are lots of people who’d really like to watch them get it on, and now that pornographers know what they look like while kissing, there will be no end to the realistic, um, kissing scenarios they’ll be able to reproduce using lookalikes. Oh wait, someone’s already done that. Maybe don’t google “Victoria Beckham porn” if you’ve got delicate sensibilities.

(Via HuffPost Style)