I’m not actually sure if I should call this hairstyle that David Bekham is sporting a mohawk or just perfectly placed on top hairstyle to match Victoria’s head. Mohawk sounds edgier which always an appeal you get from David Beckham in any thing he wears.


We’ll go with the mohawk because not only does it sound sexy paired with a suit ensemble, David is showing that it is indeed sexy. This is David and Victoria attending the Harper’s Bazaar dinner for Victoria’s December issue. So there’s a mohawk hairstyle, a blue suit (which by the way gives such a sex tailored silhuotte on David), black necktie and classic oxford. Oh and the pissed off look fro David. He looked like he wants to ninja-assassin someone in front of him. For some reason, that sort of give the mohawk hairstyle another dimension, heh.

(Image : INF)