For the September issue of Men’s Health Magazine, David Beckham takes front and back covers. The one in the picture is his athletic/health side, on the back cover is his fashion/style side where he wore an Emporio Armani suit, shirt and tie and a vintage hat.

Talking about soccer, David Beckham said :

“Out on the field is where I’m most comfortable, where I’m the happiest”

“For Me, the training is as important as the games”

Regarding the confidence in his fashionable side :

“I know what I’m doing”

Indeed he does :). As for dealing with the chaos aka paparazzi his family has had to contend with all their lives, especially now living in LA :

“To be someone kids look up to is a great honor. What matter is how you carry yourself off and on the field”.

If you’re going to buy a Men’s magazine this week, Men’s Health’s September issue is the one I’m highly recommending. David also outlined his workout regimen and a very nice interview as well.

(Image : Amazon.com)