*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

I doubt there is anything in this world that David Beckham couldn’t rock. Look at Mr. Becks looking mighty dapper in his tuxedo with his bow-tie and pocket square. As far as She Knows Best is concerned, David Beckham does everything perfectly. Ayayay. What negative thing could we possibly say about this formal wear? Some would be snickering and say Victoria Beckham, which is  petty and worthless coz really, they’re a happy couple. I just don’t understand the reason behind talking crap about their marriage or their lives together. The Beckham’s built a lovely family, they look great together AND individually, they’re rich, and everyone wants to be with each of them or live their lives. So seriously, what’s the point? LOL.

Props to Victoria Beckham for pulling off that sheer laced gown. Woooweee.