If George Clooney is handsomely sporting a white and gray hair color nowadays, David Beckham is growing hair on his face. On the sideburns and under the chin.


I can’t even believe it when I saw that picture. David was buckling up after what seems like a party up there in Bungalow 8. I guess I haven’t been paying much attention to The Beck’s lately. Sorry.


I must admit that at first I though “hmmm, I don’t know”. But then after a few minutes of intently looking at David’s face, it grew on me. It’s not that bad actually. He’s giving me that “rugged-suave” look on the first picture. It’s “rugged-casual” on the second one where David is stylishly casual in his plaid shirt, jeans boots, cardigan and the knit cap.

But then again, this is David Beckham we are talking about here. He’d look good in just his underwear on. Oh wait, he does. In Armani no less :) .

What do you think of Beck’s facial hair?

(Images : Bauer-Griffin)