Remember when we told you that Guy Ritchie was directing a “short film” (commercial) for David Beckham‘s H&M bodywear line that was to feature David Beckham himself running around in only his underwear? Of course you do. Well, you need not content yourself with stills any longer, because now the full version is here, and it’s one minute and forty seconds of ab-tastic glory.

In a coincidental callback to that terrible Agent Provocateur ad, it begins with a robe clad Becks getting locked out of his house by a ghost as his dog looks on. Only whoops, his robe is caught in the door of the car that just pulled out of the driveway, so now he’s just wearing a tank top and undies. In an effort to catch up with the SUV (which presumably contains someone who could let him into the house), he jumps hedges, loses his shirt, and briefly joins in the soccer game of some grumpy little kids who seem utterly unenthused to be bending it with Beckham:


He never catches up to the car, but he does make a tour bus full of women very happy, so there’s that.

The moral of the story?

1.) Always hide an extra set of keys under a rock,

2.) When in doubt, hire an exorcist to rid your house of door slamming ghosts, and

3.) David Beckham is objectively good looking.


(Via TheCut)