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Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are inspiring us all today by selling a huge collection of designer clothing at discounted prices with the intention of donating the profits to disaster relief for the victims of the horrific typhoon that pummeled Philippines earlier this month. 100% of the profits will go to the relief efforts mounted by The Red Cross, which is a pretty stark contrast from a certain other celebrity’s attempt at charity, which involves a 90% profit going straight into her bedazzled, peplumed, piggy bank.

According to The Mirror:

The celebrity couple handed over a small mountain of old clothes and shoes to their local British Red Cross shop in Chelsea, West London. People who are currently sifting through the clothes rails can expect to pick up like-new pairs of Victoria’s Louboutin and Jimmy Choo heels, glam Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli threads, and other major style steals – all for under £200.

Yesterday, Beckham tweeted a photo of the items she planned to donate, and I kind of can’t believe she had that many shoes lying around.

The Red Cross is hoping to bring in £40,000 ($64,804) on the sale, which is a fairly remarkable donation. It’s wonderful to see celebrities rallying people for good and forgoing a monetary reward in favor of helping out the greater good.

The typhoon “left behind a catastrophic scene after it made landfall on six Philippine islands on November 8, leaving many without immediate access to food and medical care. It flattened some communities and displaced about 3 million people,” according to CNN. As of today, the death toll has risen to 5,209.

If you want to take a cue from the Beckhams or also humanity and help out with typhoon relief, you can make a donation to any number of charitable organizations mounting relief efforts such as The Red Cross, The World Food Program, World Vision, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and AmeriCares.

Photo: Getty Images