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David Bowie has a new music video (tangentially, so do The Stooges?). Normally we wouldn’t be posting about this–despite David Bowie’s long and storied history of being one of the most stylish humans of all time–but apparently he decided to make this one extra special for us and smother the whole thing with Fashion.

First off, his co-star is Tilda Swinton (another of the most stylish humans ever). The twist, of course, is that Bowie and Swinton play small-town, middle-aged snores (there are track suits and visors). Even the harsh makeup, stuffy clothes and ashy Marilyn wig can’t suppress Tilda’s ridiculous beauty, though, and she just ends up looking awesome anyway.

Second off, the couple’s antagonists are a pair of celebrities who move in next door, played by Andrej Pejic and Saskia de Brauw, each switching gender and looking predictably fantastic. There’s also a third model in the mix (the great Iselin Steiro!) playing a younger Bowie or an alternate reality Bowie or just another outrageously good looking person, because that’s what this video is about.

Oh, and it’s all probably a commentary on celebrity and tabloid culture and our fixation on famous people for no meaningful reason, but we didn’t really parse it all out because we were distracted by all the beautiful famous people. :(