Notoriously fabulous fashion/art/commercial photographer David LaChapelle recently shot Katy Perry for an ad campaign for haircare line GHD at Sephora, and the results are predictably Chapelle-ian, which is to say: dreamy, colorful, and not awful. Not awful at all. In them, Katy Perry appears as a “HOT” flapper who has popped out to her fire escape to do a few shimmies while little birds gather around her, Sleeping Beauty style. Of course, she’s wearing a feather boa while this is happening. How ironic.

As with her In Style editorial, Perry wears the vintage look well. Perhaps she should just go full Dita and stick with head-to-toe vintage-y ensembles to avoid getting written up so much by the fashion police? I realize this might be personal bias talking, but I’m also a fan of this Goth Snow White Katy Perry from the same campaign:

Goth Katy Perry wishes you a happy almost-Halloween.

(Via Popdust)