You may recall that a few months ago, Kate Moss launched her latest foray into fashion design: a line of jewelry in collaboration with French label Fred inspired by her own tattoos. Now the campaign has dropped and Kate’s former client David Yurman is accusing the supermodel of stealing. Up there on the left is a Yurman shot, on the right is one from Fred’s set. A Yurman rep told Page Six:

“The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago. When you are a leader in your category, you get used to people copying you. We are confident consumers know the difference.”

The Fred ads were shot by Sonia Sieff, are in color, and display the Moss’ tattoos. The campaign is indeed similar, insofar as it features a mostly naked, beautiful woman wearing statement jewelry. Yes, Moss has done an entire Google image search results page of campaigns for Yurman, along with most other supermodels, and the ads are extremely identifiable: shot by Peter Lindbergh and always starring impossibly beautiful women in black and white, rolling around exotic locations. …If anything, Chris Isaak could accuse Yurman of stealing.

We’re not really compelled by the similarities here. Moss’ ads may be unimaginative, but they just look like all jewelry ads.

What do you think?

(More side-by-side shots at Fashionista)