During my travels this morning, as in the two blocks from my apartment to my coffee joint, I passed a woman rocking a very large necklace that was clearly a dead bug. The thing, a beetle of sorts, was trapped in some clear plastic type stuff, and we were close enough that I could see that, why yes, that is indeed a real dead bug and not some fake situation.

My first thought was: “Ew. Why? Make it stop.” I then proceeded to scratch at my skin wildly as if I were covered in spiders. My second thought was: “Shit. If Crazy Peta Lady sees her, she’s done for!” Crazy Peta Lady who, I might remind all of you, lives two buildings away from me. If she’s brazen enough to run through the streets singing that vegans have better sex and lecturing random people about why they should only use soy in their coffee, there’s no telling what she might do to this dead bug-sporting woman. She’d probably rip it from her neck and try to nurse the thing back to life.

The moral aspect aside, aesthetically, how do we feel about this look? We know how Crazy Peta Lady feels, but fashion isn’t exactly her strong suit.

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Photo: Renathe Schneider/Etsy