american-apparel-deep-vneck-shirt Radar is ranting about what they call an “insidious epidemic” that is the deep v neck tees also known as “the douchebag neck” tees. Furthermore, they’re blaming American Apparel for introducing such atrocity in the world of Men’s Fashion.

…much of the blame can be placed on American Apparel. The phalanx of twentysomething professional men who are exchanging their uniform of striped, untucked dress shirts for plunging necklines take their cues from Dov Charney‘s magic factory. Sure, these dudes may need to throw another $40 at the bouncer to get that “strict” dress code policy waived, but it’s a small price to pay for how much hotter they’ll look dribbling $20 margs on their exposed, baby-soft chests

After reading the entire article at Radar, I tried to recall if I’ve ever raved let alone feature deep v-neck shirts here at She Knows Best. I don’t think I have and certainly wouldn’t start now. Especially after seeing that deep v-neck shirt from American Apparel. Aren’t I the one who keeps telling Chris Daughtry to button up his shirts? :).

(Image : American Apparel)