Demi Moore showed up to the New York screening of Five last night and apparently her figure caused a little bit of a stir, prompting the always-classy Daily Mail to deem her a “shadow of her former self,” then quote a nutritionist who speaks in limerick or something (“‘too much time in the gym and too little time at the dinner table”) and add that she recently went on the Master Cleanse, because you have to fill the gaps between before and after pictures somehow.

It’s an incredibly odd space to occupy, talking about peoples’ bodies, but given that Moore has spent her post-Charlie’s Angels career depicted as some sort of standard barer for flawless 40+ beauty and is currently a professional model for a major fashion brand, it’s also absurd to suggest we can’t talk about how she looks. And, uh, she looks really, really thin, but is there anything more to say?

Here is another shot from a different angle:

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