In honor of this inevitable (yet very exciting) fact of the seasons, I am going to highlight some cute and summery garments these next few weeks. Starting with this adorable denim cowboy dress.

“But that’s not black!” you may be saying to me right now. “And there’s no black mesh on it, either!” Well, no. This is not a dress for me to wear. It is a dress for me to recommend to you, the reader who probably wears colors other than black sometimes.

The way I see it, this dress combines several trends without being obnoxious about it. There is the trend of dresses that look like men’s shirts. There is the trend of wearing cute things made out of denim. There’s the trend of having cool collars on everything. And of course, there’s the trend of putting studs on everything. (Punk is so totes hot right now!) I would accessorize it with some brown, shit-kicking boots and maybe some kind of braid and/or braids in your hair, if you are able to do that. Plus, tickets to a music festival.

There are a lot of dresses like this for sale right now, but I think this one is especially nice. But if you want to get more collar adornments for your dollar, Forever 21 is getting in on the game now, too:


($58, $22)