Ivanka Trump is in trouble with Derek Lam. The socialite/heiress turned businesswoman has a few shoes in her Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection that are almost exact knock-offs of Lam’s shoes. So his company is suing her.

Derek Lam CEO Jan-Hendrik Schlottman told WWD.

“We have seen very similar copies before but we have never seen a shoe that perfectly copied…It’s such an investment to make a shoe…we had to protest this.”

Meanwhile, he also admitted that Ivanka probably has no idea that her shoes are a direcy ripoff. Like a good Trump, Ivanka slaps her name on so many products that she likely was unaware that the designs were a direct replica of Lam’s more pricy footware.

Celebrities turned fashion designers have a habit of knocking off more expensive products and selling them at a price point their fans can afford. And that’s clearly the case here. Trump’s shoe sells for $150. Derek Lam’s retails for $780.

But the business of knocking off someone else’s designs is a delicate process. And usually the one taking the design goes to the trouble of changing something about it to claim ownership. In this case, it just looks exactly like a lower quality version of the same thing.

Fashionista has another photo showing exactly how similar they are:

(Photo: The Cut)