Sometimes, things that are supposed to be art wind up being more like childish images that you feel certain were created by your neighbor’s 12-year-old son. Some people make this argument about Jackson Pollock — there’s no accounting for taste.

But when I stumbled on this — vinyl wall decals of penises in the colors and designs of national flags, entitled “Dicks of the World” — I knew that somewhere, deep in the bowels of Australia (where this is being sold), some artist had temporarily (I hope) regressed to middle school.

This is the kind of thing I would imagine finding back in the days that I used to flip through racks of posters at Newbury Comics. Every so often, you would come across “Beers of the World,” or something about dicks. Or boobs. And then, later, you would see that same poster hanging up in the room of your 14-year-old boyfriend. One hopes that by now, the 32-year-old man that that boy turned into isn’t still looking to decorate his home in the same way.