The first time I ever saw a sign reading “Keep Calm and Carry On,” I was walking my dog around my neighborhood and it took me by surprise, because honestly, I though the message and the presentation were all such an unexpected, good idea. (At the time, I was in the throes of a massive depression, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit intrigued by the Keep Calm Gallery ever since then, but I’m sorry to say that the rest of their catchphrase art has yet to hold up to that first magnificent idea that gained traction.

For instance, this piece: “You Look Lovely Today.” Now, I’m not going to say that for someone out there, this won’t be the right thing at the right time, and might not impact them the same way that “Keep Calm and Carry On” impacted me. But it just seems a little trite, and less original.

What do you think?