Chair by Target, wallpapers available at Walnut Wallpaper, throws from Cost Plus World Market, vase by Heath Ceramics, pendant lamp by Artecnica

When I was a kid, my mother had a jade plant that stood guard in the living room for years. The thing grew to be massive, and it was well understood that if my brother and I were going to knock anything over whilst playing, it better not be the jade plant, lest we incur the wrath of my mother’s green thumb.

The plant is still alive and well, although on a recent trip home I found that it had undergone a transformation: what was once an overflowing, abundancy of flora appeared to have gotten a buzz cut. It was smoothly rounded to fit the contours of its pot, and it looked weird, but good.

Not to get all sentimental, but I actually took a cut of the jade plant with me when I moved from Boston to California, not realizing that jade plants grow with abandon in nature out here. Even so, I still have it, and am now contemplating giving my plant the same ‘do that my mother eventually gave hers. With jade on the brain, here’s some succulent-inspired decor ideas.