Do you have the urge to design?

Do you look at a pair of shoes and figure out how to make them better?

Do you despair at ever finding the “perfect” pair of shoes for you?

Why not design your own?

design your own fluevogs

Fluevog shoes are already known for being some of the funkiest and most unique shoes available, and they want you to get in on the fun as well.

They’ve created an open-ended contest to create “Open Source Shoes” – kind of like open source software.  Once you’ve submitted your design, it becomes part of the public design.  Fluevog may choose to replicate your design exactly, or to use bits of it to create a whole new shoe.  You won’t get paid, but you’ll get lots of free publicity and your name on your creation.

If you want to try your hand at designing, you can read the rules and submit your own design online here.

image: Fluevog