crave vesper pendant The days of unimaginatively literal sex toys are behind us, ladies, for the past few years words like “high design” and “elegant” have been tossed around the sex toy industry, so “visible in public” would clearly be the next logical step in this trajectory. Taking this idea of unabashedly putting it all out there to the next level are sister companies like Incoqnito and Crave, whose lead designer Ti Chang has been making what essentially are fashionable sex toys that you accessorize an outfit with instead of tucking away in your “special” drawer. For the bold and the brazen, here are a handful of stylish double-duty sex toys you can use sex-cessorize any outfit.

1. Ménage à Quatre Rings
menage a quatre ringsThough it’s unclear if and when any of Italian-based Menage a Quatre’s four styles of manual massagers that double as whimsical cocktail rings will be available to purchase, they’ve definitely got their finger (so to speak) on the whole hide it in plain sight market.

2. Icoqnito Lash Belt, $89

lash beltThis adjustable, leather best also doubles as a whip, or rather, this leather whip doubles as an adjustable leather belt.

3. Icoqnito Necktie, $59.00

incoqnito necktieSince BDSM is clearly socially enticing, if not pretty much acceptable (based on the success of a certain series of novels which need not be named), the fact that this necktie with a metal choker-knot also functions as a leash seems fairly appropriate outside the dungeons.

4. Crave Droplet Necklace, $109 droplet necklacePretty pendents that also vibrate, no one would have any idea that these little cylinders are undercover nipple stimulators.

5. Crave Leather Cuff Bracelet, $69leather cuff side by sideIncoqnito’s leather cuff bracelet, which convert to handcuffs of course, actually are chic and subtle enough to wear everyday without ever raising an eyebrow.

6. Crave Vesper, $49-$129crave vesper-darkLast but not least, Crave’s newest piece is the Vesper, a sleek silver or rose gold-plated pendent that is available for pre-order now and will be ready to ship in September. It’s a little more, um, straight-forward than the cuff or the Droplet necklace, and considering all the buzz (pun intended) it has been getting, I’m not sure how many people won’t notice that, unquestionably, yes, that is a vibrator around your neck and you’re not just glad to see them. However, the real question is, will this defeat the purpose…or is that the real purpose?