Even though these “designer drugs” aren’t real drugs, meaning you cannot take them and suddenly find yourself turning into a Birkin Bag or a 2.55 bag, they sure would look lovely poised on your dressing table or in your medicine cabinet. Until one of your friends stole them to consume them in hopes of blowing up.


Created by artist Jonathan Paul of Desire Obtain Cherish , DOC has been known for making incredible pieces that explore themes of sex, drugs, celebrity, commerce and fame. From the Desire Obtain Cherish website:

DOC’s artwork rarely inspires moderate responses, an indication of his achievements’ importance. With DOC focusing on some of the most banal objects as models, his works avoid typical standards of “good taste” in art, and instead focus on the vulnerabilities of hierarchies and value systems. DOC’s work “reflects a darker, albeit more humorous slant on middle-class American values versus a spiritual or expressive essence of a highly individual artist.”

Desire Obtain Cherish

Even though I don’t condone drug use, especially with designer drugs becoming so damn risky these days, I fully condone the consumption of art especially when it pokes fun at our obsessions with labels. I can freely admit that if Hermés offered ibuprofen or vitamins I’d be ordering that shiz by the case.

(Image: Tumblr/DOC)