What the shit, Desigual?

Sunday, May 4 is Mother’s Day in Spain, and fashion brand Desigual decided to celebrate with the most bizarrely offensive commercial we’ve seen in a long time. It starts out with a model vamping in front of a full-length mirror and checking out her stomach, then stuffing a pillow under her dress so she looks pregnant. She likes what she sees. So far, so good. It’s cool to see a young, attractive woman who is totally stoked about being pregnant.

But then she whips out a package of condoms and stabs them each with a pin. She gives her mirror reflection a flirty little shrug, and flounces off on her way. “Happy Mother’s Day!” the ad proclaims.


Condom-piercing is not OK, and this woman is no longer a fun lady in a bright dress, she is insane. The cute shrug at the end has me convinced she is a sociopath. What is this person doing? Did I start watching an episode of Dexter by accident? I do not want to buy anything this ad is selling.

According to Digital Journal, Desigual says the ad was supposed to be light-hearted and funny. (That’s what people always say when they create something so offensive that everyone’s minds are blown.) I personally cannot wrap my brain around what this ad was supposed to accomplish. Was it supposed to make us want to buy dresses? Flatter mothers into buying themselves sexy Desigual dresses? Remind kids to call their moms? Whatever it is trying to do, it is failing hard. This ad is a terrible way to sell dresses, and an even worse way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The Local reports that the response to the ad has been overwhelmingly negative, with men and women all over Twitter responding to Desigual in some variation of, “WTF were you thinking?”

Desigual has responded to the controversy by removing the scene with the condom-piercing from the commercial, so now it’s just a lady dancing around and happily imagining what it’s like to be pregnant. The original is still available online, if you want to horrify yourself into a coma.

(Video: JotaTVQ, Giphy)