Former WWE superstar now turned actor Dewayne Johnson is featured on this month’s issue of Giant Magazine. Johnson is slated to appear in the upcoming Disney fantasy flick Race To Witch Mountain. In the March 2009 issue of Giant, Dewayne opens up about his childhood, and his transition from wrestler to one of the top leading men in Hollywood.

Excerpts from the magazine:

I knew eventually I was going to be billed as ‘Dwayne Johnson,’ but we did it gradually,” he recounts later over lunch. “It felt right to me because The Rock was a character I loved….I thought, ‘If I’m going to get to “Dwayne Johnson,” we’ll just let it happen naturally.’

“People ask if I mind if they call me The Rock,” he adds with a flash of his trademark grin. “There’s no visceral reaction for me that ‘No, you can’t.’ The Rock is a nickname, and people call me that all the time, and it’s fine. It’s a damn cool nickname, too.”

I personally think that this is a great photo shoot-his swagger is undeniable. In my opinion he embodies the look of what the everyday man should be. Designers used for this particular photo shoot were Versace, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Penerai ,Tom Ford, and Yves St.Laurent. Race To Witch Mountain opens in theaters March 13th.

Photos Courtesy of :Dewanye Johnson Fever and Giant