Dior's New Sneakers Look Like A Third Grader's $1100 Arts And Crafts Project

We love the idea of wearing sneakers with just about any outfit, whether it’s your Sunday sweatpants, Saturday date night, or your Friday red carpet outfit (okay fine, that last one’s just for Kristen Stewart). But the point of sneakers is that they’re comfortable, right? And I have to admit, I am just plain not comfortable with the idea of dropping $1100 on sneakers just because they’re made by Dior. Especially when they look like this:

Dior's New Sneakers Look Like A Third Grader's $1100 Arts And Crafts Project

Dior’s “Dior Fusion” sneakers, which received a very lovely shoot and review on StyleBubble, are just one more reminder that the term “fusion” does not always mean something good. Just like all the overly inventive Portland food trucks selling Cotton Candy Kimchee before it, this shoe does not draw all the best elements from anything–in fact, it just sort of looks like the activity at a child’s birthday party. You know, the kind where the parents bought several pairs of plain $7 tennis shoe sets, handed the kids markers and glitter, and told them to “get inspired”? That’s what these are, except they were supposedly created by professional designers who are, coincidentally, adults.

Here’s how StyleBubble feels about them:

…what these particular Dior sneaker specimens represent to me is the rise of 21st century contrasting mix and match in fashion.  High and low.  Expensive and cheap.  Couture and sportswear.  Casual and dressy.  The list goes on.

I agree that couture and sportswear, as well as casual and dress, are very 21st century combinations. However, here’s the thing about mixing up expensive and cheap–if it is literally expensive (and sneakers that cost more than my rent are technically pricy, yes), then why would you want to incorporate cheap? Why wouldn’t you simply by an inexpensive pair of shoes and embellish them with a few sequins? Even the writer says that since the sneakers only come in women’s sizes, “men will have to make do with sticking sequins on their shoes.” So…it’s good that we’re all being honest about what these are, I guess.

There are a rather remarkable number of craft ideas on Pinterest; why is it simply worth the Dior label to spend so much on anything cheap-looking? Perhaps I either don’t understand high fashion, or I simply don’t understand wealthy people. But hey! Spend your money on what you wish–we all have weird stuff we love, and I s’pose these sneakers must be somebody’s favorite thing.

[h/t, photos via NY Post]