Dior Couture Spring 2016 Black Ruffle DressIt isn’t time for New York Fashion Week quite yet, but fear not—you can still get your fashion fix from the Paris Fashion Week couture shows. Designers are showing all of their most breathtaking Spring 2016 creations on the runway. One show that everyone looks forward to, whether they were invited or just wanted to watch the show online, is the Dior show.

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The Dior show is always a must-see. Everyone wants to see what dreamy clothes they are going to send down the runway. Plus, Dior always has really interesting beauty looks. Remember the whimsical ponytails with rings through them, or the two new twists on classic eyeliner shapes? However, this also marked the first time that Dior showed at Couture Fashion Week without a creative director. Raf Simons resigned from the position along with his second-in-command Pieter Mulier, and everyone is still waiting for an announcement to be made about their replacements (Alexander McQueen‘s creative director, Sarah Burton, is a favorite at the moment, according to Vogue). In-house designers Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier took a bow at the end of the presentation where once Raf would have.

The people may be changing, but what everyone wants to know is about the clothes. There may not have been a creative director, but the collection did not suffer. The clothes had that younger, more innovative, slightly quirky feel that Raf brought to the house. Think asymmetrical necklines with straps falling off shoulders and sweaters with formal pieces. There wasn’t a dramatic finale filled with fluffy ballgowns for nominees to wear during awards season., but there were still lots of looks that would stun on the red carpet as well as they did on the runway.

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Take a look at some of the runway looks from Dior’s Spring 2016 Couture show:

Dior Couture Spring 2016 Black Dress

Jennifer Lawrence will probably get a custom gown made for the 2016 Oscars, but can’t you see her wearing it on the red carpet? It’s easy to picture her wearing it with her hair slicked back into a bun and a very classic makeup look. If she wore with the leopard shoes, it would be even better.

Dior Couture Spring 2016 Orange Black Sparkly Top

This outfit should not work in theory. You have orange and black, sparkles, paisley, and leopard shoes. From that description, it sounds like it would be a mismatch of random things, but when you look at this, you see how cool it actually looks.

Dior Couture Spring 2016 White Dress

Here is another dress that deserves to be seen during awards season. The embellished long sleeves mixed with the white strapless dress is a fresh silhouette that we haven’t seen before on the red carpet, unlike the 50,000 naked dresses.

Dior Couture Spring 2016 Printed Skirt Blouse

Here is a more casual look, but it is still interesting. For those who don’t have a couture budget, this printed blouse and printed skirt with chains is something that you can easily copy.

Dior may not have had a creative director, but the brand’s Spring 2016 gave us plenty of style inspiration. Plus, it also helped us narrow down our predictions for what J.Law will be wearing to the SAG Awards and Oscars. Start placing your bets now.

(Photos: Peter White/Getty Images)