Christian Dior : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017

(Photo: Antonello Trio/Getty Images)

When I first got my ears pierced in sixth grade (I was a late bloomer, I know), I never realized just how addicting piercing could be. Much like tattoos, once you get your first, you notice more and more how good people look with more than one. It wasn’t long until I got my ears pierced a second time, then a third, both in my lobes, and then a fourth time in my cartilage. I haven’t gotten any more since (mostly because my grandma told me to stop, and like the good Jewish girl I am, I always listen to my grandma), but that doesn’t mean I don’t stare enviously at girls with more, who have the resulting ability to stack earrings like crazy.

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But admiring a look IRL and having your love for it confirmed on a major high fashion runway are two very different things. This past Friday, the models in Dior‘s Paris Fashion Week show all had big, bold earrings running all the way up their ears, and I just can’t stop looking at the results. The look is so cool, it made even Kendall Jenner seem naturally edgy:

Christian Dior : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017

(Photo: Peter White/Getty Images)

The black lipstick probably didn’t hurt either, but that’s not the point.

The aforementioned point is this: stacked earrings are ridiculously cool, and the look is easy to pull off! Thanks to cuffs and crawlers, you don’t even need multiple piercings to try it for yourself. If you’re in need of a little inspo, read on for some of my favorite stacked earring looks:

1. Delicate Adornments

earrings 1

You don’t have to go for a heavier look just because Dior did. Oftentimes, when you’re really piling on the jewelry, a variety of more delicate pieces looks less overwhelming.

2. Halfway There

earrings 2

Or you could just stop halfway up the ear like our own Kelsey Manning did. 

3. Levels

earrings 3

Alternatively, you could wear each of these earrings vertically for one big line all the way up.

4. One-Piece

earrings 4

The best thing about some of the larger ear crawlers if that they give you the stacked earring look with virtually none of the effort, since all you need is one piece. This wire one is one of my favorites, though there are a lot out there that feature bigger, brighter stones.

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5. All Sparkle

earrings 5

Why settle for one color when you can wear the whole rainbow?

6. Even Dots

earrings 6

Something about the symmetry of this look is just so soothing, you know?

7. All Gold Everything

earrings 8

If you want to try out a bold trend without going too far out-there, try keeping things monochromatic. It’ll look much more effortlessly put-together that way.

8. The Earrings To End All Earrings

earrings 7

Can someone please buy me dinosaur earrings? Please?

9. Statement Pearl

earrings 9

Pearls are a classic, and wearing them in your cartilage instead of in your lobe turns a popular look on its head, making it unique.