Not sure why Wendy Williams is posing with the Disney Princesses, but I love this picture.

Not sure why Wendy Williams is posing with the Disney Princesses, but I love this picture.

Through the years, Disney has made quite the habit of pissing people off with their character redesigns. Cinderella‘s silver dress is always made blue when you see her picture on a lunchbox, Belle recently got a new hairdo that makes her look like Kourtney Kardashian, and Merida, who hates dresses and traditional girliness, got a super femme makeover when it came time to sell merch. I understand that making movies and marketing products are two different games, but it’s still pretty strange to see even animated princesses getting unnecessary Photoshop. If you’re going to change an iconic children’s character, at least change her the right way– and take some tips from this independent artist who turned Disney stars into supermodels.

disney princess supermodels

Okay, so it’s still kind of awkward to see slimmed-down and made-up versions of Jasmine and Ariel, but these glammy portrayals of the classic characters are a lot more creative than Disney’s own redesigns. Sashiiko Anit is a DeviantArt user whose popular art centers around a common theme: she recreates beloved characters and puts a high fashion spin on their outfits. She calls this particular collection “Disney goes fashion,” and she captions it in a fascinating way:

Yes! My Disney girls have their boobs open, sexy lips and don’t really look cute and innocent. I’m sorry to everyone who thinks that I may offend original Disney characters! But I draw fashion! FASHION!!!!

And we’re glad for it! It would be strange if Disney itself tried to put these designs on backpacks and t-shirts you could find at any store in Disneyland, but as fan art, I completely love them. I would’t be surprised to see something exactly like this on a Fashion Week runway, and I’ll kiss however many frogs if you can make that Snow White outfit a reality. And have it in my size.

Make sure to check out the rest of the gorgeous designs over on the artists’ page!

Via Huff Post / Photos: Getty Images, Sashiiko-Anti on DeviantArt