The site Disneybound is really going to help you transition gently into adulthood…

… by suggesting Disney themed prom ensembles. So, not really transitioning you into adulthood at all. This is a little odd because the main purpose of a prom seems to be “giving you a preview of what it will be like when you have to attend black tie weddings or pancreatic cancer benefits”. That is to say, they teach you that there will be cold, slightly dry chicken served at all of them, and you will make uncomfortable conversation about seeing The Hunger Games with whoever is seated on your left. (I fondly recall spending my entire prom talking to my date about Opus Dei, so it was actualy very successful in that regard.)

Disney outfits seem like the antithesis of “becoming an adult now, maybe.”

Look, let me just wave my arms around and screech ugh, ugh, ugh, women-children for a second. Now that I’ve done that – the outfits are pretty cute.

Now I need to go investigate who this Dr. Facilier is, because I am old.