There is no trend we like quite so much as the British Royal Hat trend. They’re so much fun. The fact that I am never invited to places that require me to wear ridiculous little sculptures on top of my head makes me think I have made some very bad life choices along the way.

Dita Von Teese has made no such missteps, which is why the world’s most famous stripper got to go to the Melbourne Cup in Australia today to watch the horsies and show us why Vanity Fair says she’s one of the best-dressed people in the world. Seriously, that woman can rock a strange little hat better than Kate Middleton. Just look at these orchids (and the earrings):

The origami folds on her peplum are so gorgeous we can barely remember to look at the towering bouquet of orchids she’s festooned with.

The little hat made us think of Kate Middleton, but now we’re thinking of how great it would be if Kate Middleton went outside the box a little more and tried something like this. She’d probably want a blouse, but we’d love to see her with a cloud of orchids cascading down her shoulder.

Dita Von Teese makes looking stylish and pulled-together seem so easy, but do not fall into the trap of believing this comes naturally. This look took work. Dita wrote a bit about her styling process back in October, while she was still working on putting this ensemble together.

“Meticulously planning my racing day look for the Melbourne Cup next week. Having Chantilly lace and satin dyed to match the orchids in my hat for a twist on a favorite bustier from my signature lingerie collection. It’s like piecing together an elaborate fashion puzzle, with each piece in various countries, dictating from afar to each designer what I need made via my trusty Pantone guide.”

Keeping a Pantone color guide handy suddenly strikes us as the best idea ever for a globe-trotting wearer of dazzling clothes. It’s the most convenient way to make sure one’s idea of “purpley blue” is the same as one’s dressmaker’s.

Speaking of globe-trotting wearers of dazzling clothes, they appear to have been out in full force at the Melbourne Cup, where Dita Von Teese ran into Coco Rocha and they decided to hang out and have magnificent eyeliner together.


And because Dita Von Teese is actually a wizard, Dita Von Teese is 41 and does not look a day older than this 25-year-old supermodel.

Forget Cointreau, Dita Von Teese should be sponsored by the American Dermatological Association. If anyone needs me, I’ll be bathing in SPF 50.

Via Twitter/Dita Von Teese