Looks from the debut Dita von Teese collection

The lovely Dita Von Teese has every corner of her branding covered: lingerie, makeup, elaborate throwback looks, coquettish wit–so it was only a matter of time before she started designing fashion forward dresses with nipped fifties silhouettes.

Setting aside the enormous amount of goodwill we have toward Dita Von Teese–for her decidedly unique-in-Hollywood self-awareness–she also has more right to design than your average celebrity: after studying costume in college (with the intention of becoming a film stylist), she then worked as a lingerie buyer. All before marrying Marilyn Manson and becoming the most famous burlesque star in the world.

It dawned on her that she might be capable of designing her own collection when she observed the behavior of a famous designer in a vintage shop:

Her choice to release a collection came from a simple trip to one of her favourite vintage boutiques in LA. “I saw a very famous designer, who shall remain unnamed,” she told Vogue.co.uk. “He was there with his whole team and they were taking pictures for pieces to inspire his next collection. I just thought to myself: ‘There’s no reason why I couldn’t do that.’ Vintage stores are where I buy all my clothes – I love the thrill of the hunt.”

The collection is priced from £373 to £620, which is surprising for non Beckham/Olsen celebrity collections. The Telegraph reports she’d like to do a diffusion line next.

Here are two more looks:

Looks from the debut Dita von Teese collection